We produce Garage Barrier Remote Controls Duplicators for almost all brand and models. such as fixed code or hopping code or rolling codes.

The best price guarentee

Indeed in the production stages, the products are passing test and quality controls are performed by our engineers at every stage.

To clarify Remote Control Duplicators, garage remote controls, shutter remote controls, barrier remote controls, receiver units, access control systems,

On the other hand we have a wide range of production.

At the same time if you want your orders over 1000 pieces we can produce with your brand name.

above all our products are compatible with all diagnostic devices. We are able to produce error-free products with our high-tech machinery.

we use the best quality electronic smd components.

Sample products will be sent to you on the day you order.

Our products are guaranteed. So order 1 pcs sample product. After then you will be our business partner.

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